Vodka with fresh watermelon juice with cracked pepper and mint


Baby San
Passionfruit vodka, lime, cranberry with Singapore orchid


Golden Bubble Tea
Gin with citrus and sweetened green tea. Served in a bubble tea cup with popping boba


Gift of the Geisha
Vodka with French moscato, rose, lychee juice, topped up with soda

Golden Buddha
Cherry blossom gin, berries and citrus topped with Thai basil foam and edible flowers
Vodka, blueberries with lavender and fresh lemon
Full Moon Spritz
Aperol with fresh orange, Italian prosecco, topped up with soda
Tokyo Express
Coconut vodka with coconut water, vanilla liqueur and freshly drawn moscato
Eastside Mojito
Pineapple infused rum, lemongrass and mint simple syrup with soda
Bangkok Betty
Anejo tequila, agave, chilli, lime with passionfruit and black salt
Snake Charmer
Tiger's spiced Pina Colada with smoked rum jelly pythons and coconut foam
Rye whiskey, yuzu, sour cherry with ginger beer